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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Industrial / Specialty Coatings?

A: Industrial and Specialty Coatings are paints and coatings that are either applied at the time of manufacturing or are field applied in an industrial environment or setting. Where Architectural Coatings are more "do it yourself" type coatings. Industrial / Specialty Coatings usually require properly equipped, experienced and sometimes certified contractors to be applied. Combined, the Industrial / Specialty Coatings Industry accounted for  the employment of nearly 350,000 people and added $20.9 Billion to the US economy in 2010. In the US, customers assets were increased by $12 Billion when coatings were applied to existing structures.

Q: What does an estimate cost my company?

A: Having one of our sales / estimating personnel come to your facility for pricing will not cost your company a dime. We can provide estimates for single projects or give complete facility surveys with pricing so that several years of budgets can be planned.

Q: What Experience and Training do your employees have?

A: Our experienced painting and coating applicators are hired with no less than 5 years experience and on average our applicators have 15 years experience. We also hire "helpers" that train on-the-job with our experienced applicators to provide quality personnel.

Q: What geographic areas does you company service?

A: Turner Coatings currently considers our "territory" as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Louisiana. However, we are able to mobilize anywhere in the United States and the Caribbean. 

Q: What kind of warranty can I expect from your company?

A: Turner Coatings provides a standard 1 year warranty on workmanship from the time your project is completed. Extended warranties and warranties made in conjunction with the coating manufacturer's can go as far as 10 years and are performed on a case by case basis.

Q: Do you remove lead based paint?

A: Yes, Turner Coatings is certified in the removal of lead based and other hazardous based coatings. We have an extensive Lead Removal Program which follows all of the EPA, OSHA and Industry guidelines.

Q: Do you paint houses?

A: Unfortunately, unless your house is constructed of structural and/or plate steel, we do not paint houses.

Q: Do you Sandblast?

A: A more descriptive term would be Abrasive Blasting. Yes, Turner Coatings provides abrasive blasting with a wide range of aggregates..sand, coal slag, garnet, agricultural products (walnut shell, pecan shell, corn cob), glass bead, plastic, aluminum oxide, steel shot and slag, baking soda, sponge products and other diverse products.

Q: What type of structures does your company sandblast and paint: 

A: Turner Coatings sandblasts and paints a wide variety of structures; Tanks, Bridges, Structural Steel, Concrete and many other substrates,